Power-Working is the motto for the last weeks before you hand in your bachelor's or master's thesis. The pressure and time required is almost unbearable. In this case, the two hours - 15 minutes - method helps.

I discovered this method of power-working during my studies in Córdoba/Argentina and have used it successfully for many years.

This is the power-working method for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis:

  1. Get up early. (6:00 AM is a good time.)
  2. Sit down at your desk as soon as possible. (You can drink tea or coffee while working and give yourself enough time for a snack)
  3. Work for two hours straight and stay completely concentrated.
  4. Then lie down (on the bed or couch) to sleep for 15 minutes! Make sure you set the timer for 15 minutes.
  5. Be sure to get up after 15 minutes, no matter how hard it is!

Repeat this procedure, 2 hours - 15 minutes as long as you have energy or as long as you need to. (I did it until 22.00 in the evening and in the last days even later into the night). It depends on your deadline.

Power-Working - Note 1:

Only rest for 15 minutes. We experience shallower breathing while we are sleeping and as a result, less oxygen reaches the brain making you sleepy. Therefore, after two hours of sleep in the afternoon, you feel as if you are on the edge of your seat.

Power-Working - Note 2:

It doesn't matter if you sleep or not during those 15 minutes. Just rest, let your mind wander. You really only need to sink into a deeper sleep for one minute. That's enough for a rest, after all dogs are supposed to do that...

Power-Working - Note 3:

Nobody wants to get up right away after 15 minutes but that is part of self-discipline. With time, you get used to it and can wake up surprisingly fast again... Anyway, it is less painful than failing to meet the deadline...

Power-Working - Note 4:

Don't do this for more than three weeks. Because, of course, it will harm your health.

Try this method. It works for exam preparations as well. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci used a similar method…

Good luck writing your text!

Silvio and the Aristolo Team

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