It is a real challenge to review 50 or 100 pages of text for your Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral Thesis. Dozens or even hundreds of sentences have to be checked and revised before submission in addition to comments from others... How are you supposed to keep track of everything?

We have a magic ingredient: XXXX

XXXX is the magic tool for editing your text. It will speed up your proofreading and ensure the quality of your thesis.

What is XXXX?

XXXX designates a place in the text where something is still missing or has to be reworked in any case. XXXX should be used instead of colors or even a question mark because these elements are difficult to find.

What does XXXX stand for?

  • Text is missing or must be revised,
  • a footnote / source reference is missing (which should be rare since the notes/ framework for the text should already contain all sources)
  • a figure, table or formula is missing,
  • information is missing like a number or a date,
  • a reference or comment from others,
  • an incomplete sentence, thought or idea

How do I work with XXXX while editing the text?

  • XXXX designates places where something still has to be changed.
  • XXXX indicates places my friends and helpers have marked that I still have to rework.
  • I should work on places marked with XXXX from time to time or in a batch.
  • At the very end I can search for XXXX in the file again and work through the remaining XXXX. Then the file is finished.

Important tips for using the XXXX:

Always write a short comment about the XXXX like footnote, picture, year, page number or something similar.

The XXXX is best marked in RED. That way it’s easier to find them. It is best to use size 20 font and bold for searching and replacing. Then you can see them immediately with the naked eye.

Always delete completed XXXX in the same way. It's like checking an item off a checklist. It's fun!

The advantages of XXXX

  • With XXXX, I don't have to interrupt my work rhythm to enter or search for something. I can do this later.
  • I can find the places marked with XXXX much faster than places marked with a question mark. Nothing will slip through my fingers.
  • You can use XXXX to show others that something is still missing at this point.
  • Places marked with XXXX can also be edited by an assistant, for example checking a footnote or inserting an image.
  • After all your trouble with the text, it's really fun to fix the many little things that still have an XXXX on them because you are one step closer to your goal.
  • The number of XXXX shows the progress. When all XXXX have disappeared, the text is DONE!

Please take our advice and use XXXX. It will be one of your sharpest tools in writing your Thesis.

Good luck writing your text!

Silvio and the Aristolo Team

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