"It starts with the end and ends with the start (of the sentence)." This was the mantra of my Latin teacher, speaking about the art of translation... This wisdom also applies to a dissertation or bachelor’s or master’s thesis, as it does to any kind of project. Thinking with the end in mind has many advantages. Here they are.

1. Only the new findings from the bachelor’s or master’s Thesis or dissertation count!

Everything written before is preliminary. The theories and models have been accepted for many years now. There is nothing new.

Therefore, the rule is: finish the theoretical part quickly. That way you’ll have extra time for your personal contribution. That's what you’ll receive points for.

2. The visible end of the thesis can motivate you!

Let's face it, the thesis is only fun when you’re first starting it. I guess it's the same as every project. But rarely does finishing mean so much in life because finally your real life can start, you’ll leave (high) school behind and you can start developing yourself. Obviously knowing that the end is in sight is motivating so make sure you have an organized and well-thought-out plan for the thesis so the end stays within reach. To do so, you need a clear formulation of objectives, both in terms of content and time.

3. Meetings with your supervisors are easier when talking about results.

Once the content objective has been formulated, it will be much easier to coordinate with your supervisor. The requirements for the thesis can be checked and more easily met, which will result in a better grade. In addition, you are different from other thesis writers who are just starting out and are happy to make any sort of progress.

4. Theory is clear if the objective of the bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis or dissertation is clear

You only realize what you have proven in your thesis when you finish it. Then it becomes apparent that the theory chapter is way too long and some content has not been used at all so you have to rework it again. And again you spend your time dealing with the theory chapter instead of the analysis and findings...

5. Methods are clear if the thesis goal is clear

If you know WHERE you want to go in the thesis, then you will quickly find out HOW to get there... Formulate the goal of the thesis as precisely as possible right at the beginning.

6. Interim goals for the bachelor’s or master’s Thesis or dissertation are possible

If the end is visible and you already know the goal of the thesis, intermediate steps and intermediate goals can be set. This facilitates the entire work process and give motivation in between. Apart from that you’ll always have a reason to celebrate.

7. The risks of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or dissertation remain in view.

Risks are possible events or circumstances that make it difficult, delayed or even impossible to achieve the goal. There are plenty of possible risks and distractions when you are focusing on your bachelor’s or master’s thesis or dissertation. Lack of sources, lack of survey participants, lack of energy, lack of approval from the supervisor, etc. If the end and the goal of the thesis are clear, possible risks are easier to assess and, above all, something can be done to prevent them.

8. The objective of the thesis gives self-confidence

If the end of the thesis is in sight from the beginning, you’ll feel more confident in achieving your goal. When in doubt, all you have to do is look at how much you have already achieved.

9. The cognitive processes of the bachelor’s or master’s thesis or dissertation can start early.

A thesis requires a lot of thinking. It’s never too early to start thinking of some ideas. As soon as you set your goal and thought ahead about the end of the project, you have already defined the most important steps to gaining your insight. This means you can reach the goal of your work more efficiently.

10. In case of difficulties, one look at the target is enough.

Time and again, you run into obstacles when writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis or dissertation. Chaos and open questions lurk everywhere. You need orientation. Try taking a quick look at the end or the goal of the thesis. This should give you an immediate boost of confidence so you can continue with vigor.

Good luck writing your text!

Silvio and the Aristolo Team

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