Intermediate wins are quick successes in the sense of visible results in the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis. They are very distinct and can be found in different places. Such visible results have a great advantage for writers:

  • You feel motivated IMMEDIATELY!
  • They simply make you want more because we love success and rewards.
  • Intermediate wins keep your spirit up.

Use them in your thesis!

Here are just a few examples of intermediate wins:

  • The appendix is created.
  • The appointment with your supervisor is confirmed.
  • Three Experts to interviews are scheduled.
  • The transcriber for the interviews has been found.
  • The guidelines for the colloquium are downloaded.
  • Ten important articles for the state of research are saved on the computer.
  • The micro questions for the abstract are clear.
  • A template for the questionnaire scales has been determined.

This list shows the variety of intermediate wins.

Why do intermediate wins help?

They help because intermediate success always makes us feel good. The goal is achieved and the tension is released. The fear of failure  has disappeared. There are super-complex biochemical hormonal processes at work. Dopamine plays a role. Please google this term...

Your courage increases for the next stage. If it worked once, it's certain to work again. There is probably a certain addiction to the feeling of success. This brings you into a flow and this flow ultimately carries you to your goal, whatever your goal is. It should probably be the text at the end of the thesis.

A few important facts:

 Intermediate wins only work if you work towards them!

  • Intermediate wins can be planned right from the start. And you should plan them! Only then will you succeed.
  • You can find them anywhere, in any job, no matter how big.
  • You don't have to believe in their effects. They work even without faith.
  • Your best friends are checklists of all kinds. Checklists are in reality chains of intermediate wins.
  • Intermediate wins are like candy. You can really eat to many of them.

How do I achieve intermediate wins?

  • Define your main goal.
  • Plan your intermediate wins by breaking down your tasks.
  • Simply align your processes and tasks accordingly.
  • Determine intermediate wins for each task and complete them first.
  • Some are more fun, so do these first. Don't worry, the next quick win is coming soon.
  • Make checklists with many, many little wins.
  • Get into the FLOW with many small accomplishments.
  • Find out which ones motivate you the most and go for them next.
  • Win with intermediate wins - NOW!

Start now. NOW! Make a list of 10 short tasks that can be completed in a few hours. The completion leads to intermediate successes and therefore a good mood and energizing work flow. Because tomorrow, the list is finished! And I’m sure you already have another list of ideas.

The Aristolo timetable for the thesis contains concrete tasks and you will find a lot of quick wins in it. Try them out.

Good luck writing your text!

Silvio and the Aristolo Team

PS: Check out the Thesis-ABC and the Thesis Guide for writing a bachelor's or master's thesis in 31 days.