Why do supervisors so rarely assign a topic? Upon investigation, I discovered these four interesting reasons, two of which are public and the other two are rather secret, unspoken ones.

Here are the "visible" reasons.

1. Supervisors consider finding a topic to be part of the project.

Somehow it is true, but on the other hand it is a real challenge, because it may be your first time... And mistakes in the formulation of topics can lead to weeks of wasted time in the jungle of literature.

2. A self selected topic is a better match of the candidates interests.

It’s obvious really. BUT: Just like most accidents happen at home, too much routine makes us careless. If you are already well versed on a topic and have routines, you can easily make mistakes because your attention is not 100% there. That's a really hard truth.

What "secret" unspoken reasons are there?

3. Supervisors do not trust students skills enough.

Supervisors have specific professional focuses, interests and of course dozens of open questions in their subject areas. BUT: They simply don't trust students to deliver a useful analysis. They think it is too difficult for beginners... The greatest accomplishment can be to show them that they're wrong.

4. Supervisors do not want to be "babysitters".

With the specification of a topic,  a supervisor also assumes a certain responsibility. The candidates could think of any problem: She had something in mind with XY... I'm sure he knows how to solve problem XYZ... So I'll ask about...

This kind of incessant demand can be annoying and will make a bad impression on your supervisor...

It is therefore better to find a topic yourself and let your supervisor give you his or her blessing. The Aristolo Topic Trip will help you do this. You will have a topic and question in addition to some more helpful tips in 10 minutes for free!

Good luck writing your text!

Silvio and the Aristolo Team

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