No thesis supervisor wants to hear these 7 sayings – stifle them!

supervisorThink carefully what you say to the caregiver . The biggest enemy of man is his tongue! Of course, you are always honest , but you should not say everything that you think and would like to. It’s not about bending yourself for a good grade, but about a professional working relationship and feelings. These are easily injured, as you will see soon. Remember: Your supervisor is neither your brother nor your friend and alsono confidant but the reviewer and thus evaluator of your work. avoid hence the following questions and sayings.

 1. Dear thesis supervisor: A 4 in the thesis is enough for me.

This says two things about you: 1. You do not want to make an effort. 2. You are so naive to bet against the attendant. Deny this saying. Or better, ask yourself if you really want to deliver a miserable piece . With the thesis you can: Improve your grade point average, make a good impression on the certificate, make  contacts , have a book as a  personal gift and maybe even a  job ticket . That should motivate you to a good grade !

2. I just want to finish my thesis.

Of course you want that, everyone wants that. But the message is translated: I do not want to make an effort , I do not care about the result , I did not learn anything and I want to get out of here as fast as possible !

3. I have very little time for my thesis.graduation work motivation

You come to a busy person and let go of a saying? Everyone is missing time, everyone has priorities . If a good to very good graduation is not one of your priorities, then it is not a priority for the thesis supervisor to take good care of you or to give you a very good grade .

4. I can not write scientifically.

Do you really think that a thesis supervisor who is busy for years to make you and your fellow students fit will feel sorry for you or regret it? Where did you personally come to tell him that his efforts were completely pointless? Not a good start.

5. I’m not going to science anyway.

Of course, that applies to 90% of graduates . (The caretaker knows that! ) But that’s no reason to throw such a thing at the head of a SCIENTIST. This is directed against the personal work of the thesis supervisor. And it is not nice either.

6. Dear thesis supervisor: Can you please give me a light topic for the thesis?

Oh man. The light topics are unfortunately out today … What does the saying about you say? I can not do anything , I do not want to make an effort , your efforts , Mr Thesis supervisor to get me fit were completely in vain . Now pull me out of the mess … Please leave out this spell.

Plagiarism scientific work7. Dear thesis supervisor: Could you please give me some old works so that I can orientate myself on them?

  1. The thesis supervisor is not allowed to do that if the work is not published.
  2. Imagine this additional work for the thesis supervisor before, who collects the work, maybe they still prints for you … Or he is looking for YOU in his files … That’s an imposition .
  3. This whole approach is  outlandish. E r smells like mindless copying .

What do you think the thesis supervisor will answer. Presumably, she politely says, “Unfortunately, I do not have any old work to spend”. But she will remember the suggestion and pay particular attention to whether you have written off much of other old works . Plagiarism software is very good today. The archive seems to be completely in there …

So keep your tongue in check and you get on better with your work. Look at how you can communicate in writing with the supervisor to get your topic.

Good luck writing your bachelor thesis or master thesis

wish Silvio and the team Aristolo

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