How good is your Bachelor thesis,
Master thesis or Dissertation?
Test your text with the Bullsh*t filter

What is the Aristolo Bullshit Filter and what is its purpose?

The Aristolo Bullshit Filter is a test program for academic texts like the bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation and also term papers.

The Aristolo Bullshit Filter shows you errors in the text and gives you instructions for the revision. The filter is therefore an AUTOMATIC feedback generator and helps you to write better work. And even in less time.

What can the Aristolo Bullshit Filter do and what can it not?

The filter can show you already at the beginning rough errors in your designs for theme, research question, outline, introduction, source list etc.. He will give you concrete instructions (instructions) and a Todo-List to work through. In addition you get suitable answers and references to templates.

The Aristolo Bullshit Filter can’t give you the content and therefore can’t take it. That’s Your own performance!!! Therefore you can use the filter with a clear conscience.

How does the Aristolo Bullshit Filter work?

The program uses procedures and techniques of text recognition and artificial intelligence. This makes errors visible. The logic is based on the standards of scientific work.

How far is the Aristolo Bullshit Filter?

We can already recognize many typical errors (The topic must not be a question! or The leading question must be an open question…) and give concrete instructions. The references to examples make scientific work much easier for you.

Who built the Aristolo Bullshit Filter?

A team of professionals for scientific work under the direction of Silvio Gerlach built the filter and continues to develop it STÄNDIG. Silvio has been Thesis-Coach for many years and has accompanied and sometimes “saved” thousands of students and doctoral students. His Guides for Scientific Work are the methodological basis for the Aristolo Bullshit Filter.

What does the Aristolo Bullshit Filter test exactly?

You can check the following with the filter:

  • Topic
  • Research question / key question
  • Objectives of work
  • Initial situation
  • Study overview
  • Methodology
  • Segmentation
  • Literature list

We can also carry out initial checks on chapters.

How do I work best with the Aristolo Bullshit Filter?

At the beginning look at the Example in the filter. Click on the example there.

Then go through the elements of the exposé and work out your own version for topic, leading question, initial situation, structure etc. Then check and loop them until you are satisfied.

Does the Aristolo Bullshit Filter also cover the requirements of my university?

The basic structure of a scientific work is the same for all topics. These are the essential chapters.

  1. Introduction
  2. Theory
  3. State of Research
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Conclusion

In addition, there is a structure for the Introduction or the entry. look at the example in the filter.

What does the Aristolo Bullshit Filter cost?

The examination of your texts costs nothing. You will get a rating and a todo-list. For users of the Thesis Guide, the Diss Guide and the Homework Guide there are also extensive, concrete tips and instructions with examples, formulations and howtos. This saves a lot of time.

How can I start with the Aristolo Bullshit Filter?

Go to this page and either look at the example or enter your own content.

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