How do I write a practical thesis as a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis?

A practice work is a scientific work with a practice partner, a company or an organization. It independently collects certain information and data from reality. You should fulfill a certain task by answering certain questions. The tasks are manifold. Usually it is about the development of a solution for a problem. That is a concept. Often, however, practical work is also simply empirical work, for example when customers or suppliers are questioned.

What are the advantages of practical work?

The advantages are:

  • Your topic is given.
  • Your own contribution is clearly defined.
  • You have a discussion partner in the company.
  • Feedback from the supervisor in the company is possible.
  • You learn something in practice, for life.
  • You can finally be creative in your studies.
  • Your contact network begins to grow.
  • You gain reputation.
  • You have a “foot in the door” for a job.

What are the disadvantages of practice work?

The disadvantages are:

  • the supervisor may not like practical work,
  • Possible conflicts with two supervisors,
  • Company can change project at any time,
  • the planning is uncertain,
  • depending on data from companies,
  • uncertain results,
  • Pressure from the client,
  • Possibly burdened by other tasks,
  • Possibly there are “political games” in the company,
  • Often there are only unspecific requirements from the company.

What does a topic for practical work look like?

As is the case with other types of work. The difference lies in the data sources and methods. Use our topic service in case of uncertainty about the topic.

mustergliederung-thesis literature reviewWhat does an outline look like in practical work? What chapters does it have?

This is what it looks like. Download the graphic with one click.

What are the challenges of practical work and how do I master them?

1. You need to solve a real practice problem!

You have to solve a real problem for the client that cannot be solved easily. Otherwise someone would have done it already. You have to collect and evaluate data from different sources. You also have to use scientific studies. Simple books are not enough. But 95% of the studies are in English… Often the problem is not yet properly defined and the task is usually not yet formulated… Everything not so easy…
The Thesis Guide takes you by the hand and guides you step by step through this process with a practical chocolate topic. You will find patterns for problem formulation and the formulation of the task. You will also find the procedure for collecting and evaluating the data in the Thesis Guide. You MUST write an exposé. We will show you HOW! Again with examples.

2. You have to work with new methods!

Most likely this is your first analysis in a company. Therefore the methods are also new for you. Time is short, you have to collect data, prepare and evaluate interviews. But HOW???? You have to obtain information from hard-working colleagues. The problem has to be solved to the satisfaction of the client. But you also have to make the professor happy, because that has to be a SCIENTIFIC work, despite its practical relevance. This is really not easy!

The Aristolo Thesis Guide can help you. In the Thesis Guide you will find an overview of the methods and procedures for the acquisition of data, for the safeguarding of the scientific character and detailed instructions for the development of a solution in the form of a concept. In addition, you will always have concrete examples and templates of all kinds.

How do I ensure the scientific character of my practical work?

You can’t just develop a solution, write it down and deliver the work. The solution must be placed in the scientific context. So you have to generalize the findings from the individual case scientifically. That is not trivial…
The Thesis Guide shows you how to get this generalization done. Then ALL your supervisors are satisfied, with the client and in the university.
With our Thesis Guide you can see the end of the work right at the beginning, using proven patterns and examples for the initial situation, key question, detailed questions and formulation of objectives. This makes YOUR result clear, right from the start. This even makes working fun!

What is the best way to start my practice work?

Start with the research question and the topic and the appropriate sources! What kind of answers do you want to get for which questions? Then follow this standardized procedure in the Aristolo Thesis Guide:

  • Write an exposé (you will clarify the main question and the tasks and the methods and data sources etc.)
  • filter books and fill theory chapters,
  • Collect the state of research by means of study evaluation and write chapters,
  • Superior analysis methods (research methods) and describe them,
  • Obtain and evaluate information, data and arguments from sources,
  • gain new insights by means of analyses
  • Draw conclusions, write chapters on results and finish work.

How can the Aristolo Thesis Guide help with practical work?

In the Thesis Guide you will find detailed descriptions of the contents of all chapters with micro questions, sample formulations, tools of all kinds, file templates for all kinds of tasks such as interview guide, questionnaire template etc..

We wish you every success with your practical work.

Silvio and the Team Aristolo

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